Tips on home decor from professionals

Having trouble redesigning your room? Consider expert advice from a well-known professional interior designer might help, here is what he had to say:
Being a perfectionist is good but trying to make everything special is not right as for one thing to stand out others should be in the background supporting it.
Select a piece and design everything around it Selecting a center of attention is very important as once you have identified it you can easily maneuver things around it. For instance you have selected a very finely crafted set of Victoria chair. You can place it near a corner with a delicate yet classic styled lamp and walls should have alight color so as to bring out the craftsmanship used in the Victoria chair. Japanese calligraphy is hanged on the walls of restaurants with simple lamps to create the ambiance of and old Japanese dojo making it not only attractive but also the ambiance is very soothing as it makes to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of life.     

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